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This subscription to the Register Citizen is a CONTINUOUS SUBSCRIPTION, which means it will automatically renew at the end of this initial term. You may cancel or modify your subscription at any time by calling Customer Service at 888-533-6133. You will be billed at the interval you have selected, which shall be your SUBSCRIPTION TERM. No credit is offered for vacation interruptions. All home delivery subscriptions will include the Thanksgiving edition charged at $3 and up to three other Special Editions annually. These Special Editions are the Register Citizenís largest editions of the year, and include magazine-style sections printed on bright white stock and content thatís useful long after the publication dates. Each special edition is $5, which offsets printing and delivery of the premium editions. If you prefer not to receive these Special Editions, you may call subscriber services to opt out. If you do not opt out, the Special Editions will be automatically billed to your account and your subscription term will be shortened. While most subscriber issues are corrected quickly with a simple call to subscriber services, there are occasions where disputes are not immediately resolved. To remedy this, we have joined cable companies, cellular providers and others in instituting an arbitration program. This simply means that if a consumer files a claim, arbitration allows a prompt resolution to the dispute without requiring either party to invest the time and expense of a lawsuit in court. As a subscriber, participation in the arbitration program is automatic. Details of this program can be found on If you have questions regarding these policies, please call subscriber services. All new starts and previous accounts stopped for more than 30-days without a restart date will be subject to a $4.95 Activation Fee.